Chutney Preserves is a juxtaposition of workplace with exhibition stage, or perhaps more coherently, experimental lab with ceremonial site.
Chutney Preserves was founded in 2005 by artists Captain Marq Kearey and Captain Sarah Sparkes
We are the Chutney Preserves and we welcome you into our fold.


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Chutney Puppet Camp

Come make a puppet at Chutney Puppet Camp, part of 

Sarah Sparkes with Linda Barck, Libby Shearon and Jacqueline Utley will help you create a marionette.  Materials and puppet handling training provided and all taking place under mystical dome marquee.
Join us from 1-6pm on Camberwell Green, make your own elite puppet athlete and train it on the puppet obstacle race.

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